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Nottingham Secondary Academy

Performing Arts

What do we do? Why do we do it? 

At Nottingham Academy we offer an extensive and inclusive curriculum that promotes confidence, collaboration and ambition. Students are encouraged to explore the educational, cultural and social purposes of the performing arts. Through our curriculum we strive to inspire and motivate all pupils to believe that they can achieve success at the Academy.​

Performing Arts play an important role in developing our pupils’ character and life skills. This is achieved through the integration of the Character ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Respect Values’. Students will develop their understanding of how to co-operate and communicate empathetically. ​We aim to support students in making positive choices both at the Academy and in their wider community. ​

Students have access to a range of performing arts opportunities as part of our extra-curricular programme. These activities support pupils to participate with industry in mind or purely for enjoyment. Students learn about themselves and develop as part of our ‘Opportunities Charter’. Through trips and visits we extend students’ cultural experiences providing them with a new insight into the world in which they live.​

We recognise the importance of collaboration, creating and performing and the pivotal role these can have on the personal and social wellbeing of our students. This is integral to all that we do and the reason why we are driven to ensure all students at Nottingham Academy have a positive experience of performing arts.​

The ultimate aim is to encourage all pupils develop a lifelong appreciation of the performing arts either as a performer or audience.

The Performing Arts Curriculum overview can be found in the attachment below.

For further information about Performing Arts please contact:

Subject Leader - Performing Arts - S O'Flynn