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Nottingham Academy


We use mathematics in everyday life sometimes without realising it. From calculating our shopping bill at the checkout, to estimating the time it will take to paint a room. Mathematics is also important in answering more abstract questions such as: ‘What speed is supersonic?’ (728 miles per hour if you are wondering) and ‘What direction is the wind travelling in?’

Mathematics is valued highly by academic institutions and by employers. A 2009 survey by Forbes magazine found that the top 15 most valuable degrees (and highly paid) had a common element: mathematics.

At the Nottingham Academy, the mathematics department aims to provide pupils with exciting, relevant and challenging mathematics, delivered by dedicated staff. We believe it is important that pupils understand the underlying principles of the mathematics they learn; making links and developing reasoning skills and logical thinking. Over time pupils should progress towards being independent mathematicians whom have the confidence to identify correct and incorrect work for themselves and possess long-lasting mathematical skills that they can use in further education and employment.

To ensure all pupils reach their potential and make outstanding progress.

At the end of his/her mathematical education in this school, each pupil will be able:

  • To perform basic numeracy skills
  • To perform the basic mathematical skills needed in his/her chosen career or for entry to higher or further mathematical education
  • To understand the mathematics likely to be encountered in daily adult life
  • To reason clearly and logically, and to set out a rational argument
  • to identify patterns encountered in diverse situations and to extrapolate from these
  • to approach problems systematically, choosing appropriate techniques for their solution
  • To follow logical instructions clearly expressed
  • to experience satisfaction in and enjoyment of his/her mathematical achievements
  • To obtain any formal mathematical qualifications needed for his/her chosen career
  • To obtain his/her best possible results at KS3, KS4, AS/A Level & other Sixth Form courses.

In addition, we hope that pupils will acquire the logical abilities characteristic of a mathematician.

Students and Graduates of mathematics are highly sought after. From jobs in the Finance sector - including Accountancy, Banking, Actuarial science - to more creative careers such as Architecture, Animation, and Computer Game Design. Some less well-known careers that involve mathematics include astronauts, fighter jet pilots and sports commentators. Whatever you choose to do you can rest assured that your skills in mathematics will be of value.

Useful Links

Maths Chase is a free site where you can quickly test your times tables. The site is a very simple and fun way to learn times tables.