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Nottingham Secondary Academy


What do we do? Why do we do it?

The science curriculum at Nottingham Academy is designed to develop our students into citizens who have the knowledge needed to understand the phenomena they see in the world around them.

Without a deep, broad understanding of science, students may lack a sense of wonder when they see the natural world and miss out on being able to fully engage with the environment in which they live.

The powerful knowledge we teach allows students to understand science in the news and be aware of the implications of what they hear and read in the media for themselves and others.  They can make informed decisions about their health based on what they learn in our lessons.  Our curriculum allows students to understand how to look after the world they live in and to become people who can discuss important issues that arise with confidence as they are well-informed.

All students study science up to GCSE so we follow a five-year curriculum plan, building on the knowledge they have gained during Key Stage 2.  We teach beyond the National Curriculum to ensure students get a broad and balanced science education.  At the start of Key Stage 4 students choose whether to study separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics, leading to three GCSE grades or combined science, a course that covers all three scientific disciplines and leads to two GCSE grades.  We follow the AQA GCSE specification.

At Key Stage 5 we offer A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, following the OCR specification.  Students gain a deep understanding of how scientific investigations are carried out through extensive practical work.  They are taught how to apply scientific knowledge in a range of situations and gain valuable experience to use in the workplace and at university.

The Science curriculum overview can be found in the attachment below.

For further information about Science please contact:

Curriculum Leader - Science - M Vickers