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Nottingham Academy

Letters to Parents

Letter for Year 6 Parents 

Dear Year 6 Parent/Carer, 

By the 31st October 2021 you will have made the exciting decision about where you would like to send your child for the next step in their education from September 2022. 

I am writing to invite you and your child to a Year 6 into 7 Information Evening at The Bridge Campus, Nottingham Academy, Sneinton Boulevard on Monday 11th October from 5-6.30pm. The evening will consist of a series of presentations from key staff and current Year 7 and 8 pupils in the main hall. There will be an information booklet to take away, opportunities for questions and refreshments. If travelling by car, it is advised to park on Sneinton Boulevard and walk up the path. 

We are also running Open Morning Tours for you and your child which are an opportunity for you to come and see our Year 7 and 8 in action. These will be by appointment only and will run for approximately 30 minutes up until Half Term Friday 15th October 2021. Please call Nottingham Academy on 0115 7483380 during school hours (8am-3pm) or email to book an appointment. Possible dates and times are: 


Thursday 30th September 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 

Friday 1st October 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 

Tuesday 5th October 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 

Wednesday 6th October 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 

Friday 8th October 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 

Tuesday 12th October 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 

Wednesday 13th October 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 

Friday 15th October 9am, 9:35am or 10:15am 


Mr Coffey-Bainbridge, the Head of Year 7, is also visiting your child’s Primary school so your child can hear all about what we can offer them, ask any questions and hear from our new Year 7 pupils. Our unique setting of having a campus just for year 7 and 8 pupils, allows pupils to transition smoothly from Primary to Secondary education, build confidence and thrive. They will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to develop their characters as a whole and fully prepare them for Year 9, GCSEs and beyond. 

I really hope you can join us at our Information Evening on Monday 11th October and please do not hesitate to book an appointment for an Open Morning Tour where we will be glad to show you around and you will see first hand the impact of our positive culture. 

Yours faithfully 

Julie Bigwood 

Campus Principal, The Bridge Campus, Nottingham Academy 

Relationship and Sex Education Principal Letter 30.9.21

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: RSE  

As a part of your child’s education at Nottingham Academy, we promote personal wellbeing and development through a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education programme. PSHE education is the curriculum subject that gives young people the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live safe, healthy, productive lives and meet their full potential.  

Relationships and sex education and health education (RSE) became statutory in all secondary schools in England in September 2020. The aim of RSE is to give young people the information they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds. It enables young people to mature, build their confidence and self-esteem and understand the reasons for delaying sexual activity. 

At Nottingham Academy, RSE will be taught as part of the PHSE programme of study in tutor time. There will also be assemblies and workshops throughout the year to allow for external providers to share their expertise. 

Parents/ carers will have the right to withdraw their child from part or all of the sex education delivered as part of RSE.  Parents/ carers can do this until 3 terms before their child turns 16. After that, it'll be the child's decision.   

Parents cannot withdraw their child from the relationship education in RSE or health education. 

When teaching these subjects, the religious background of pupils will be taken into account, so that topics are appropriately handled. In developing the curriculum, we have worked with a number of representative bodies and faith organisations, representing all the major faith groups in England. Further information can be found at 

An overview of the PHSE curriculum for each year group is included at the end of this letter.  

Requests for withdrawal Sex Education should be put in writing using the form below. A member of the Senior Leadership team will then arrange to speak with parents and carers to explore their views and ensure that the nature and purpose of Sex Education is understood. A written record will be kept of this discussion. 

Yours sincerely  

Nicola Brown 

Assistant Principal Student Development 

Covid-19 Vaccination Wednesday 29th September 

Letter for parents of children aged 12 to 15 years of age

Dear Parent/Carer,

COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 12 to 15 years of age on Wednesday 29th September vaccination session.

I am writing to inform you that we will soon be offering COVID-19 vaccinations in school. I would like to ask if you wish to give your consent for your child to receive a first dose of the vaccine. 

This vaccination will be free of charge and our highest priority is making it easy for children to access one dose of the vaccine before the winter. 

The main purpose of the COVID-19 school age vaccination programme is to provide protection to the children who receive the vaccine and may help to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the wider population.

During the vaccination delivery we will maintain the range of measures we have in place to keep you safe from COVID-19.

Once we have your consent, we will schedule the vaccination appointment.

Please complete the online consent form using the link and school code below:

School Code: NG135881A

By consenting you will be helping to play your part in reducing the risk of COVID-19 spreading.

Best wishes,


School Aged Immunisation Team


Vaccination programme for 12 to 15 year olds 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Re: Vaccination programme for 12 to 15 year olds

I hope you and your family are keeping well during this time. As you may be aware, the government announced on 13th September 2021 that young people, aged 12 to 15 years old, are now eligible to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This decision follows advice from the UK’s chief medical officers, who have said that rolling out the vaccine to this age group will help to reduce disruption to young people receiving face-to-face education in the classroom.

The government also announced that schools will be used as venues for the vaccination programme to ensure easy access for all young people. I am writing to you today as we have now received the government guidance on how schools are expected to support Public Health England’s programme.

The Academy is required to support this programme by:

  • Providing details of pupils on roll to the local NHS’ School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) provider so they know which children are eligible for the vaccine.
  • Sharing the NHS’ SAIS information leaflet, consent form and invitation letter with our parents and carers.  
  • Providing space at the Academy for the vaccination programme to take place and allowing for time away from the timetable where needed to enable vaccines to be administered.

The programme will be delivered by the local NHS-commissioned SAIS team which may include nurses, healthcare support workers, administrative staff, and other associated professionals who specialise in the delivery of school age vaccinations. The vaccines will be administered by healthcare professionals with appropriate qualifications, following the usual approach to school-based immunisation.

Please note that the NHS’ SAIS will be the primary provider of the vaccination programme for healthy 12 to 15 year olds and will be legally responsible for the delivery of the vaccine, not the Academy.

We would also like to reassure you that as an Academy we will not make any decisions about your child’s vaccination. The NHS’ SAIS consent form will offer you and your child the choice as to whether your child takes up the offer of a vaccine or not. This form will also provide contact details for the NHS’ SAIS should you have any further questions about the vaccine or the consent process.

We are currently working with the relevant organisations and bodies including Public Health England, the NHS and their commissioned SAIS to formalise how and when the vaccine programme will be taking place. We will write to you to update you once the plans are finalised.

You can find more information about the COVID-19 rollout to 12 to 15 year olds by visiting COVID-19 vaccination programme for young people: guidance for parents) and COVID-19 vaccination: resources for children and young people.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this period.

Yours sincerely,

Harry French


Uniform Expectations  

Dear Parents / Carers, 

Re: Uniform Expectations for the start of Autumn Term  

You will be aware that Year 9 – 11 will be expected to wear a black, embossed blazer from their first day back in September. I would like to thank the majority of parents who have worked with our uniform supplier (Price & Buckland) to provide the FREE blazer before the start of term. If you have not ordered the blazer, please visit: to place your order. Please be aware that parents will be required to purchase the blazer at retail price from Friday 3rd September. 

With significant changes to the uniform, I wanted to outline our expectations for how the Nottingham Academy uniform should be worn by all students. We believe that students who wish to succeed wear a smart and sharp uniform. It is important that our students take pride in themselves and in our school, therefore our ‘Everyday Expectations’ for uniform are as follows: 

The Year 7 and 8 uniform comprises: 

  • Plain white school shirt (not polo shirts) 

  • Academy tie 

  • Black trousers or skirt (jeans and cords are not allowed, skirts to be no shorter than knee length)* 

  • Academy V-necked jumper, in purple, with logo 

  • Black or grey socks with trousers, white socks, neutral or black tights with skirts. 

  • Some pupils may wish to wear a Salwar Kameez, in purple. This is acceptable, as long as the Kameez is at least knee length. 

The Year 9, 10 and 11 uniform comprises: 

  • Plain white school shirt (not polo shirts) 

  • Black trousers or skirt (jeans and cords are not allowed, skirts to be no shorter than knee length)* 

  • Academy tie 

  • V-necked pullover, in black (Optional) 

  • Academy Blazer 

  • Black or grey socks with trousers, white socks, neutral or black tights with skirts 

  • Some pupils may wish to wear a Salwar Kameez, in black. This is acceptable, as long as the Kameez is at least knee length. 

  • Hooded jumpers must not be worn over the academy blazer or PE Kit 

PE KIT - For all Secondary years 

  • Black short or long-sleeved sports shirt with purple panels and Academy logo 

  • Black tracksuit bottoms, shorts or sports leggings.  

  • Suitable trainers or other PE footwear 

Students may attend school in a full and correct PE kit on their designated PE day as this reduces lost learning time.  


Jewellery is not allowed, except for small, plain, metal ear-studs and one small plain ring may be worn. Earrings, rings, nose studs or other facial jewellery are not allowed.  A nose retainer is permitted. False nails and nail varnish are not allowed.  

Hair Styles and Colours 

Excessive hair styles are strongly discouraged and all pupils with long hair must have it tied back.  ‘Cuts’ of any shape or design are not allowed, nor are non-natural or multiple hair colours.  Hats and scarves may be worn at the discretion of the Principal in very cold weather. 


Shoes should be black and sensible for school use, flat-soled or with very low heels, no more than half an inch at the front of the heel. They should have no logos or embellishments. High-heeled shoes are quite unsuitable and are dangerous on our Academy sites. Trainers are not to be worn. Sensible black boots with no heels may be worn in the winter. 


Caps are not allowed. During the summer months, students may bring a sun hat for protection 

School Bag 

All pupils are expected to have a suitable school bag with them each day, we would encourage all pupils to use a rucksack style bag or holdall which is large enough to carry all of their books and equipment. Handbags are not appropriate and should not be used. 

Failure to meet Academy Uniform Expectations 

If students breach any one part of our strict uniform code, then they will either be given some temporary uniform to wear, sent home to change (if safe to do so), or will be isolated until their uniform is perfect. We will do this to ensure that all our students take pride in their appearance and to make sure that our students are treated fairly. It is unfair if some students keep to our dress code and some don’t. 

Families facing financial difficulty are encouraged to contact the school on (0115) 748 3380 or by emailing so that we can identify appropriate ways to support the purchase of the new uniform. 

Yours faithfully, 

Harry French 

Behaviour Management - Parent Letter 25.08.21

Dear Parent/Carers,  

Re: Updates to Behaviour Management Procedures    

As we approach the start of a new and very exciting term for Nottingham Academy Students, I wanted to take a moment to remind all parents / carers of some key information, some of which has been updated for the start of this academic year including how we will be developing our rewards systems and challenging students who do not meet our ‘Everyday Expectations’  

What are our Everyday Expectations and why are they important?    

We are committed to ensuring that our students master the knowledge, understanding and skills to be academically successful. We believe that anyone who is successful (in the broadest sense of the word) must develop self-discipline and be given autonomy to make the right choices. We expect our students to recognise the authority of the adult, and adults should expect that students immediately respond to verbal warnings.  

We have six ‘Everyday Expectations’:   

In School on time  

Students who wish to succeed always attend and are on time. We are trusting that students will arrive at the Academy on time, every day.   

Smart and Sharp Uniform  

Students who wish to succeed wear a smart and sharp uniform. If students breach any one part of our strict uniform code, then they will either be given some temporary uniform to wear, sent home to change if safe to do so, or will be isolated until their uniform is perfect.  

Full Table Service  

Students who wish to succeed always bring the right equipment to the Academy, for the right lessons, each day. We wish to develop our students’ organisational skills for success in future life. We will have stationary on sale at reception each morning so that students can solve issues around lost equipment before lessons begin.  


Students who wish to succeed are always on-task in every lesson and behave in a purposeful manner outside of lessons. Sometimes, it will be hard work for students to remain on task but we will remind them that they learn best when they are concentrating. It also means that other students can learn without disruption and allows the teacher to teach what s/he has planned. We expect our students to: Sit up, Look Forwards, Ask & Answer Questions, Never interrupt the Teacher and Track the Teacher at all times.  

First Time, Every Time  

We know that students who wish to succeed do not answer back and trust that teachers’ instructions are to help them be successful. We know it is important that students learn self-discipline. If an adult tells a student to do something, we expect it done straight away. We expect students to trust staff and never question an adult’s decision anywhere in the Academy. Failure by a student to respond immediately to a verbal warning may lead to students being Amber Removed. If a student feels unfairly treated they must still follow the instruction first time, every time. Later, in their own time, students may approach the adult to discuss the situation.  

Right place, Right time Doing the Right Thing  

Students who wish to succeed are always on-task in every lesson and behave in a purposeful manner outside of lessons. Sometimes, it will be hard work for students to remain on task but we will remind students that they learn best when they are concentrating. It also means that other students can learn without disruption and allows the teacher to teach what s/he has planned. Students are expected to remain in silence during line up’s, be calm and sensible on the stairs and along corridors.  

The vast majority of students will work hard to consistently meet or exceed these expectations and will be recognised and rewarded as a result. We want students to be motivated by the value of achievement; however, we are also committed to acknowledging and rewarding students for developing good learning habits. From September we will acknowledge and reward our students by:  

Making contact with home  

Teachers also ring home regularly; this is an opportunity to provide parents / carers with praise about their child. During celebration events, staff and students have the opportunity to praise each other for exhibiting the Academy core values of respecting themselves, respecting each other and respecting their community.  

Student of the week   

Each week, every member of the Academy staff nominates their ‘student of the week’. Students may be acknowledged for meeting Everyday Expectations or for displaying respect to others, their community or the environment. Student of the week acknowledgements are shared weekly with students and parents.   

Progress & Effort Certificates   

At the end of each half term, two students from each class receive a certificate: one awarded for most progress and the other for consistently high levels of effort. These certificates are presented to students during our celebration assemblies.  

Golden Tickets  

Every teacher will be issued with 5 golden tickets that they can give each lesson. Golden ticket categories link to Everyday Expectations and Respect Values. Golden Ticket when issued, send a push message home to parents through Class Charts.  

 Golden Ticket Draws  

A weekly Golden Ticket draw will take place for each year group. One prize will be given for each Everyday Expectation and Respect Value category in each year group.  

Celebration Events  

Three times each year, students who have demonstrated excellent Character Skills (listening, presenting, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership, teamwork) are celebrated with an invitation to our event. Curriculum Leaders decide which students receive an invitation based on their character work throughout the term.  

Class Charts Rewards   

Any Class Charts rewards that are issued send a push message home to parents. Students can exchange Class Charts rewards for prizes at any point throughout the academic year using the rewards store.  

What happens if a student does not respond immediately?  

 In some situations, despite a warning, a minority of students may behave in a manner that does not meet our Everyday Expectations. In order to address this concern our clear ‘Behaviour Pathway’ for challenging students and escalating poor behaviour will be used.   

The Behaviour Pathway has been simplified and from Thursday 2nd September will be reduced to the following three steps:  

Verbal Warning  


Warning(s) logged onto Class Charts.   

First instance of off-task behaviour. Students are provided with a clear opportunity to regulate their behaviour before progressing through the behaviour pathway.  

Amber Remove  


Student will be removed for the remainder of the lesson to the remove room.   


The student will receive a fresh start for their next lesson.  


Parents will be informed of the remove either by Class Charts, phone call, text message or email.  

Student has failed to correct their behaviour despite being asked by their teacher. OR  


An isolated incident has occurred which in some way threatens safety or well-being of students or stops students from learning, damage to staff or property. OR answering  


Defiance of staff including  back. OR  


Bringing the school into disrepute.  

Red Remove  


Student will be removed to the Behaviour Reflection Centre for the rest of the day.  

If a student is removed more than once in any given day, the student will be removed for the rest of the day into the Behaviour Reflection Centre OR   


A serious incident will be logged on Class Charts and the detention will upscaled from 40mins to 60 mins.  

We have introduced ‘Behaviour Management Procedures’ that work alongside the existing Behaviour & Exclusions Policy that reflect changes in practice linked with our use of Class Charts. In addition, we have introduced robust changes to escalation processes where persistent behaviour is impacting on others. Finally, we are improving the way that we reward students who meet or exceed expectations. A copy of the Behaviour Management Procedures are available on the school website here.

In school on Time  

Please be aware that from Thursday 2nd September any student who arrives late (after the start of Tutor Time) will be issued with a 40 minute after school detention on the day the lateness occurs. Persistent lateness will result in parent carer meetings and escalation in line with our attendance policy which may lead to a fixed penalty notice.  

Changes to the Detention Processes   

You will be aware that the academy uses detentions outside of school hours as a sanction. From Thursday 2nd September detentions will take place on the same day as the detention is issued. Please note that parental permission is not required for a child to attend a detention. Parents will be notified of a detention by at least one of the following: Class Charts, a telephone call from a member of staff, a text message or an email.  

From Thursday 2nd September detentions will be 40 minutes in length. Missed detentions will upscale to 60 minutes on the next school day. Detentions will be managed by a member of Senior Staff and supported by Heads of Year.  

Escalating Behaviour that Persistently Fails to meet Expectations  

Escalation will be supported by structured Pastoral Support Plans which include a high level of parent/carer involvement. On occasion, a one of serious incident or repeated defiance may warrant escalation which could lead to fixed term or as a last resort permanent exclusion.  

Use of Mobile Phones and Headphones.  

We are all aware of the potential harmful effects of mobile phone technology and social media on young people. In schools in particular, including Nottingham Academy this impact can be widely felt, causing emotional harm and anxiety.   

The use of mobile technologies to access social media, can often be the root cause of bullying in schools. On another level, mobile phone technology can be a distraction to learning and a hindrance to progress.   

We understand that parents may want their child to be contactable by mobile phone on their way to and from school. However, when entering the academy site, your child must place mobile phones and headphones into school bags and they must then remain “out of sight” and “switched off” during the school day. This includes during break and lunchtimes. If mobile phones or headphones are visible, switched on or in use on the academy site, they will be confiscated and locked away until returned, at the end of the school day.   

Please be aware that from Thursday 2nd September, a ‘two strike’ rule will be applied. If a student’s mobile phone is confiscated for a second time, parents / carers will be contacted and asked to collect the mobile phone from school reception at the end of the school day or a mutually convenient time and the phone will not be returned to the student.  

Our aim is always to treat students consistently and, where appropriate, to reward our students for meeting or exceeding expectations.   

We are very much looking forward the new term.  

Yours faithfully  


Harry French