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Nottingham Secondary Academy

Sixth Form

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Sixth Form Testimonials 

"My Sixth Form experience has revolved around various elements; making new friends, meeting new people and gaining new skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have taken part in multiple activities; from selling hot drinks at break time to organising a party for the whole of Sixth Form. When I first started my A levels, I thought it would be just like school but I was proven wrong as the sixth form teachers treated us as young adults, so I felt that I could easily interact with them. At first, I struggled to manage with A Level stress but with the help of my teachers, I was able to pass year 12 and move on to year 13. The Sixth Form team, are very supportive and understands when I need help, for example, staying after school to help me with my coursework. In year 13 I was even able to apply for university with the help of our UCAS guru, Ms. Todd, who guided me and other students through the process of applying for university".


"Sixth Form is more than meets the eye. I have had a memorable 2 years as there was always something happening in the Sixth Form Centre to keep me and my friends entertained. My teachers have all been supportive, in school and beyond. When you find your place at Sixth Form you won’t be able to leave”.


“Studying in such a friendly environment has given me the best experience. Nottingham Academy is a small sixth form which enables teachers to help focus and motivate students and give them one to one help. The teachers are very helpful and always going beyond to help the students. There are always opportunities for students which will help develop your skills and prepare you for university, the career you wish to pursue and for adulthood. For example, work experience; where the sixth form team will help you find a placement in the field you want to work in. Also, you attend university fairs and plenty of opportunities to explore and find a career path suitable for you. They provide lots of resources such as textbooks, laptops, computers, and cameras, allowing you to excel in your subjects”.

Ikra and Sabia 

“Nottingham Academy Sixth Form has given me several opportunities that have developed me as a person. Through joining the student council and becoming Head Girl my confidence and pride in me, my work and actions have only improved. I have benefitted from the opportunity to join Ambition Nottingham which enabled me to make new friends and establish a great academic record. Because of this, I can honestly say that I have really developed in the time I have spent at the centre and hope that anyone who chooses to attend the Sixth Form has the drive required to make the Sixth Form work for them”.


“As an external student, who came not only from a different school but also a different city, I was expecting myself to be distant from the rest and unable to engage with school cohorts while finding myself uncomfortable around my peers and teachers. However, if you ask me today whether I am happy to be a part of this school or not, I would tell you without a doubt….yes I am happy. My respected teachers and peers, have welcomed me, supported me throughout these months and allowed me to build a strong bond with them, within a short period of time”.

Sixth Form Personal, Health, Social and Economic Education 

Nottingham Academy Sixth Form students follow a two-year personal, health, social and economic education. Religious and moral education is a key theme that is covered with ideas such as ’my world and how I see it’.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Understand and respect different religions, beliefs, spirituality and lifestyles in our community. For example, what impact does religion play in conflict on a personal, community and global level?
  • Investigate, analyse and justify their knowledge and understanding of the role and influence of religion and beliefs in the wider world. For instance, a debate on medical ethics and practice.
  • Develop a personal sense of meaning, to understand their historical, cultural and social purpose in their own lives and how they relate to others. For example, how do beliefs have an impact on gender roles?
  • Evaluate different viewpoints to develop their skills to present a reasoned opinion in a well-informed argument. For instance, debating the existence of God and issues of good and evil.

Bridging the Gap... Year 11-12 Transition

Download our Transition Resource Pack, which gives you guidance and support for your chosen courses, preparing you for Sixth Form.

For further support and guidance about getting ready for your step-up into year 12, please contact our dedicated sixth form team:


Inspiring ambition, cultivating greatness, supporting success. 

The Sixth Form Centre at Nottingham Academy offers an ambitious, dynamic and innovative learning environment, created to drive ambition and focus for Sixth Form students.

As a Sixth Form Centre, we can offer students aged 16-19 a flexible learning package. You will be able to choose courses which are right for you, selecting either academic, vocational courses, or both. You can also expect great teaching from our excellent staff who are committed to your success with the range of tutorial support and careers guidance available, you will get the individual advice to help you choose the right career path for you, whether it is for university, training or future employment. We will also keep a careful track of how you are doing so that if you encounter difficulties in any subject, we can help you to deal with them straight away.

Improve your opportunities 

Staying on in the sixth form will open up many opportunities for you in life.

You will get the chance to:

  • Study your chosen subjects in more depth
  • Become an independent learner
  • Make new friends
  • Gain new experiences through volunteering and work placements
  • Plan out your future with expert careers advice
  • Join in social events and activities

The Sixth Form at the Nottingham Academy is at an exciting new stage of development. Our brand new sixth form centre opened on our Greenwood Road site in September 2016, with modern facilities for group or individual study and a redeveloped outdoor space