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Transition to Year 7

Welcome, from the Year 7 Team.

The move from primary school to a large secondary school can be daunting, we recognise this and understand that students and parents need to feel reassured, happy, and safe during this transition period.

Nottingham Academy works with local primary schools from Year 4, providing activities and events to help pupils have a smooth transition to Nottingham Academy. 

Transition information will be sent to all pupils joining us in September by the end of June.

Below you will find links to download our prospectus and an example of the extracurricular activities available in Year 7 and 8. 

Traditionally 'The Journey' begins with a Parents' Meeting however this year plans are being developed to do this in a way that adheres to current social distancing guidelines. These plans will be shared with families once complete. 

Pupils usually have two transition days, in July to meet their tutors and new classmates, and learn more about what Nottingham Academy has to offer. This year we won't be able to welcome children and parents in this way but we are working on ways for you to get to know us digitally so keep checking here and on our Twitter page @NottinghamAcad to stay informed. 

To read all about uniform guidance click here.  To purchase uniform go to our supplier Price and Buckland on this link 

If you have any queries regarding Transition please email



Meet the Year 7 Team


What our Students had to say...

Watch the video below to find out what our previous Year 7s thought about Transition when they experienced it for themselves. Hear about their views, opinions and aspirations as they began their Journey from Primary to Secondary.

Get Writing! Get Creative! Get Talking!

Get involved with our Transition Activities below. We are obviously doing things a little differently this year, but want to get you guys thinking about transition into Year 7 as much as possible.

Below are 3 challenges: Get Writing! Get Creative! and Get Talking! 

You can email us your submissions at

The Year 7 Team


We're all really looking forward to meeting you all as you start your Journey with us at Nottingham Academy.