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Nottingham Secondary Academy


At Nottingham Academy we are keen to support you in your learning and expect high standards of behaviour and respect to be maintained within the Academy.

Uniform Expectations 2022/23

Academy uniform

  • White shirt (regular fit, not fitted), with top button done up, Academy tie
  • Plain black trousers (off the leg- straight cut, not skinny style) or formal school skirt that’s down to the knees.
  • Plain black shoes with socks or plain black tights
  • Academy jumper (Years 7 & 8)
  • Academy blazer (Years 9-11)

                                                                                Academy PE Kit

  • Black short-sleeved/long sleeved sports polo shirt with purple panels and Academy logo
  • Black tracksuit bottoms, shorts, cycling shorts or sports leggings to be worn
  • Suitable trainers
  • Academy jumper (Years 7 & 8)
  • Academy blazer (Years 9-11)

Inappropriate uniform (what we will not accept)


  • Canvas shoes or trainers
  • Open front shoes



  • Skinny/tight fit

This is a particular issue for girls and these trousers cannot be skin-tight either
across the whole leg or at the thigh.

  • Elastic/legging/lycra based
  • Cropped/showing shins or ankles
    This is a particular issue for girls which, along with short socks, show ankles
  • Visible zips
  • Denim, rivets or studs


  • More than a credit card away from the knee
  • Skater skirts
  • Tight fit or lycra based skirts
  • Skirts with embroidery, patterns or ridges



  • Any kind of sock above calf length
  • Bright coloured tights


    Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be black or white.


  • Hoodies
  • Cardigans
  • Fleeces
  • Gilet
  • Sweatshirts, zipped fabric jackets or sport branded fabric jackets
  • Any top that is not included in our uniform


  • Any extreme hair colour (any unnatural hair colours) 

Make Up/Nails

  • Heavy make-up
  • Acrylic or gel nail extensions.
  • Bright eye shadow



Ear Piercings: Students CAN wear one pair of small studs

  • No multiple ear piercings
  • No hooped earrings
  • Hanging earrings
  • All other types of ear piercings
  • Ear stretchers/Ear Expanders

Nose Piercings: Students CAN wear a small stud in their nose

  • Nose rings
  • Septum Piercings

Facial Piercings:

  • Any existing unacceptable piercings need to be removed regardless of when the piercings have been done (Eyebrow, lip, tongue, or any other facial piercings are not permitted).

Sixth Form Dress Code

It is a sixth form privilege not to wear school uniform. The school expects that you will dress suitably and avoid extremes of fashion. Many outsiders judge the school by the appearance of its sixth formers and younger students look to the sixth form students as role models.  

The information below outlines the key aspects of our sixth form dress code. These are not exhaustive, but the spirit and ethos of our expectations are clear. 

What we will accept: 

  • Full length trousers or smart jeans (no rips/holes) 
  • Knee length skirts (No more than a credit card width between the knee and skirt) 
  • Smart, t-shirt, top/blouse or shirt  
  • Piercings should be discreet, and all jewellery items should be conservative and not pose a risk to health and safety. 
  • Footwear should be safe and offer protection 
  • Student basketball elite athletes are allowed to wear Nottingham Academy Wildcats branded sportwear tracksuits only. 
  • Lanyards and ID badges must always be worn and be visible at all times- Students need to sign in and out of the building, this a safeguarding requirement.  

What we will NOT accept:  

  • Exposed underwear  
  • Bare tops/midriffs  
  • Clothing and accessories that promote drugs, sex, alcohol, violence, profanity, prejudice, or racism  
  • Sliders, flip flops or crocs  
  • Shorts  
  • Leggings unless worn under an appropriate length skirt or dress 
  • Sportswear  
  • Tracksuits/jogging bottoms 
  • Extreme haircuts and colours 
  • Hats and hoods are not allowed to be worn inside or around the school building  

Students will be asked to remove any items which are not deemed acceptable dress; where this is not possible students will be sent home to change by the Head of Sixth Form/Assistant Principal for KS5. If plausible, they will then be expected to return to the school for the remainder of the school day. Students will be expected to make up the time lost in school for this. 


Students who fail to wear a lanyard and ID will be sent home to collect theirs if plausible. Students will be expected to make up the time lost in school for this. 

Please find the link to order Academy uniform from our suppliers Price and Buckland:

Failure to comply with Academy uniform expectations will result in the student being isolated until the matter is resolved.