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Nottingham Secondary Academy

Code of Conduct / Uniform Expectations 2023-2024

Code of Conduct

It is important that pupils and parents are fully aware of the Nottingham Academy's high expectations for pupil conduct.  Below is the Code of Conduct for the Academy:

Pupils are to

  • Respect all other people, regardless of race, culture, gender and religion;
  • Behave in a quiet, polite and orderly manner;
  • Follow the instructions of the teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Knock at classroom doors before entering;
  • Wear the full Academy uniform;
  • Be punctual for the Academy and for lessons;
  • WALK on corridors and stairways on the LEFT - follow the appropriate one-way system in place;
  • Line up for lessons where possible;
  • Remove outer clothing (scarves, coats, gloves) before entering classrooms;
  • Leave lessons only when directed by a member of staff;
  • Hand in all work on time;
  • Have a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber;
  • Have a bag in which to carry books and equipment;
  • Look after Academy property;
  • Be clean and tidy at all times;
  • Work to the best of their ability during lessons;
  • Bring in notes explaining absence from the Academy.

Pupils must not

  • Bring mobile phones, iPods or other electrical items to the Academy;
  • Use bad language or swear anywhere on the Academy sites;
  • Wear make-up or jewellery, except for one small, plain metal ear stud in the bottom of each ear lobe;
  • Smoke in or near the Academy sites
  • Write on desks, walls or the Academy fabric;
  • Show intimidating behaviour - physically, verbally or otherwise;
  • Leave classrooms without permission;
  • Eat or drink during lessons;
  • Run along the corridors or on the stairways;
  • Interfere with other pupils' work either physically or verbally;
  • Steal Academy property or that of other pupils;
  • Chew gum at any time;
  • Access other pupils' files on the Academy's computer network.



Please find the link to order Academy uniform from our suppliers Price and Buckland:

Failure to comply with Academy uniform expectations will result in the student being isolated until the matter is resolved. Please refer to Everyday Expectations – Smart and Sharp Uniform. This can be found in the Nottingham Academy Behaviour Expectations document attached below.