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Nottingham Academy


Qualification WJEC Applied Diploma in Criminology 

Entry Requirements 

English Grade 4

This subject explores why people commit crime, drawing on explanations from psychology and sociology, along with how society tackles crime through the law, policy, and punishment. Over the two years, you will learn about different types of crimes, how people's perceptions of crimes are shaped and how crimes are investigated.

What is Criminology

Criminology involves analysing illegal human behaviours and crime prevention methods.

The field of criminology blends social science and psychology with criminal justice.

As a criminologist, you'll explore the many causes of criminal activity among different groups of people.

Areas of Study
  • Different crimes
  • Forms of punishment
  • Prison
  • Evidence collection
  • The English legal system
  • Criminal justice workers
  • Criminal case studies
  • Laws
  • Theories on why people commit crime
  • Victims
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • The media
  • Campaigns
  • Research methods
Career Progression

This course is equivalent to an A level and the same amount of UCAS points. 

Further study:

BSc Criminology

LLB (Hons) Law



  • The criminal justice system
  • Social work
  • Civil service
  • Counselling
  • Teaching
  • Charities
  • Public services