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Nottingham Academy

Curriculum Links

The Academic Curriculum

Striving for excellence in critical thinking, knowledge and qualifications

  • Our Academic Curriculum is broad & balanced and centred around the National Curriculum.
  • We aim to provide an ambitious, innovative and stimulating curriculum for all
  • We teach the best that has been thought, said and written.
  • The Academic Curriculum is knowledge rich and includes disciplinary knowledge (understanding about how knowledge is established, verified and revised) and substantive knowledge (Content that is taught as fact) within each area of study.
  • The Academic Curriculum provides students with a secure foundation on which to continue into Further Education, Higher Education and into apprenticeships and careers of their choice.

This is achieved through:

  • Careful sequencing of lessons to ensure that new knowledge builds upon prior learning
  • Interleaving knowledge through retrieval and formative assessment to help pupils learn more and remember more
  • Creating cross-curricular links to support knowledge building and strengthen memory associations (schema).
  • High quality teaching

Knowledge, qualifications and literacy

Qualifications act as a gateway for pupils to progress to the next phase of their education, training or employment.

The specifications that define the qualifications we select for study at Key Stage 5 and Key Stage 4 have a bearing on the curriculum in Key Stage 3 as we ensure pupils have the foundations of knowledge and understanding required to engage with, and pursue, their learning to whatever level they may wish.

Furthermore, all of our pupils are different: they have different academic starting points, different challenges and influences, and different goals. We therefore aim to construct a curriculum model that allows all pupils to fulfil their potential and has a broad range of options and pathways.

Reading, writing and oracy are the essentials of academic understanding and communication. These sit at the heart of the academic curriculum and are taught integrally within subjects (disciplinary literacy and oracy) and discretely as intervention.

The Character Curriculum

Developing Character and self belief that unlocks the potential in everyone.

  • Our Character Curriculum develops students’ strength of character and enables them to become empathetic, resilient and independent.
  • The Character curriculum is explicit and implicit and underpins all educational activities at Nottingham Academy
  • The Character Curriculum aims to develop
  • It offers opportunities to exercise initiative and responsibility for learning and decision-making, promoting the academy values of respect for yourself, respect for each other and respect for our environment and community.

This is achieved through:

  • Opportunities in lessons to develop and grow these characteristics
  • Our rewards and sanctions systems
  • A strong PSHCE and Citizenship programme
  • A robust tutor programme
  • Opportunities to participate in a wide range of internal and external opportunities and partnerships such as pupil parliament, Talent First, Freedom Factory, Nottingham Wildcats, Notts County FC,

The Opportunities Charter

Develop social mobility and give every student freedom of choice through their lives

  • The Opportunities Charter is a co-curriculum model that refers to the activities and learning experiences that take place in school alongside the academic and character curriculum.
  • The charter supports academic enrichment, stimulates intellectual curiosity and enhances academic development.
  • It promotes success in a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enable students to discover and develop lifelong interests and talents. Arts, Sports (Cultural Capital)
  • The Opportunities Charter helps students to learn about themselves and develop and use their skills and knowledge in different contexts

This is delivered through a wide variety of opportunities including

- Strong extra-curricular provision

- Residential visits and day trips

- Academic & cultural visits and visitors

- Exchange programmes

- Community enrichment projects

- Peripatetic music tuition

- Student athlete programme


For further information about our curriculum please contact V Storr - Deputy Principal.