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Nottingham Secondary Academy


What do we do? Why do we do it?

Nottingham Academy’s English curriculum aims to inspire and educate our young people each and every day. We offer a broad and diverse range of activities which motivate all to believe they can achieve success regardless of their cultural, social and emotional needs.

Our chosen topics have been carefully selected by the English team. We have considered our demographic and the importance of challenge and the need for cultural capital within our subject. Ultimately, our end goal is to encourage our students to have a thorough understanding of the respect values we stand for in our Academy through the love of English.

Our diverse diet of both modern and pre-1900 texts in a variety of forms including plays, poetry, novels and modern media encourages pupils to discuss and develop their own critical interpretations. We aim for our pupils to develop their critical thinking and be inspired to continue their study of English and further develop their understanding of the cultural and social issues that impact us all in the modern world.


We study an array of quality novels, plays and poems which they study throughout their time at the Academy. Not only does this encourage them to have a love for reading but will also provide them with the skills to become critical thinkers, more knowledgeable about the world around them and be able to analyse a variety of text and/or situations. 


We aim to shape confident writers that are able to plan and produce effective pieces of both creative and functional writing appropriate for a variety of genres, forms and purposes. We aim for pupils to be able to utilise a full range of language techniques to describe, argue, inform, persuade and entertain readers.


We understand the value of Oracy not just in English but in everyday life. We have built in numerous opportunities for pupils to either work independently or collaboratively to present ideas to an audience. This inevitably builds on their confidence and character whilst preparing for their final Speaking and Listening exam in Year 11.

At Nottingham Academy, our goal is to inspire our students to become enthusiastic, motivated and confident readers, writers and speakers. This is done through our varied and dynamic curriculum which is designed to allow ALL our students to leave our Academy with a memorable experience in English and grades which they can be proud of.

For further information about our English Curriculum please contact:

Curriculum Lead - English - S Evans