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Nottingham Secondary Academy

Enterprise and Marketing

What do we do? Why do we do it?

The Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing will equip you with sound specialist knowledge and skills for everyday use. It will challenge all students, including high attaining students, by introducing you to demanding material and skills; encouraging independence and creativity; and providing tasks that engage with the most taxing aspects of the National Curriculum. The qualification design will allow you to explore more deeply the things that interest you as well as providing a good opportunity to enhance your learning in a range of curriculum areas. You may be interested in this if you want an engaging qualification where you will use your learning in practical, real-life situations, such as:

• Carrying out market research

• Planning a new product and pitching it to a panel of experts

• Reviewing whether a business proposal is financially viable

This will help you to develop independence and confidence in using skills that would be relevant to the Business and Enterprise sector. The qualification contains practical activities that build on theoretical knowledge so that you can put your learning into practice while also developing valuable transferable skills such as:

• Verbal Communication/Presentation

• Research

• Analytical Skills

• Digital Presentation

The Enterprise and Marketing Curriculum overview can be found in the attachment below.


ICT and iMedia

What do we do? Why do we do it?

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a vital subject for secondary students as it prepares them for the rapidly changing digital world. At this level, the curriculum is designed to build upon the foundational knowledge gained in primary school and to equip students with practical skills for their future education and career prospects.

The ICT curriculum at secondary level typically covers topics such as coding, computer hardware and software, networking, web design, and digital communication. Students are also taught how to stay safe online and how to use technology responsibly.

At Key Stage 4, many schools offer OCR Creative iMedia as an option for students to study. This is a vocational course that focuses on digital media production, including graphic design, audio and video editing, and website creation. It allows students to develop practical skills and learn about the industry-standard software and techniques used in the digital media industry.

Throughout the course, students work on practical projects and develop their problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills. They also learn about the legal and ethical considerations of using digital media, such as copyright laws and privacy regulations.

Overall, the ICT curriculum at secondary level provides students with essential skills and knowledge that are becoming increasingly important in today's digital age. The OCR Creative iMedia course is a valuable option for students interested in pursuing a career in the digital media industry or for those who want to develop their creative skills in a practical and relevant way.

The ICT and iMedia Curriculum overview can be found in the attachment below.

For further information about Business and ICT please contact:

Subject Leader - L Goodfellow