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Nottingham Academy


To become a Geographer is to understand the links between place and space whilst recognising the importance of culture, politics, economics and environments in an ever changing world. As F. Steiner said “Geography isn’t just about reading maps, it is understanding how the world works.” Geographical skills incorporate data analysis, challenging ideas and forming connections between wider world issues that are currently affecting our planet. We do not simply inherit the world from our ancestors but we are also borrowing it from our children. It is important that we teach this so that we can understand where we have come from but also where we are going, giving the future generations the best chance possible to thrive in a world on the brink of monumental change.

Geography is incredibly valued by universities and employers alike. The highly transferable skills gained through studying the subject prepares students for a whole host of jobs in the future. Our curriculum intent is designed to establish a culture of intellectual curiosity and high achievement and foster a safe environment of independent thought and critical thinking. We provide contextual knowledge of location, people, places, and geographical features, that enable an understanding of changes over time and space. The curriculum is designed to foster a spirit of competence in enquiry and decision making that will prepare students to be active citizens in a changing world. Our curriculum develops substantive and disciplinary knowledge throughout every key stage. We aim to provide a high-quality geography curriculum, that prepares students to be global citizens and be the change they want to see in the world.