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Nottingham Secondary Academy


The Academy offers  a range of physical activities.

The Academy ensures continuity and progression across and within the key stages so that all pupils can develop a knowledge and understanding of the physical education programme.

All pupils are provided with information which allows them to gain access to club and community facilities during their leisure time whilst still at the Academy and when they leave full-time education.

All pupils are encouraged to have an understanding of the need for a healthy and active lifestyle and a knowledge of the necessity of achieving and maintaining fitness.

All pupils have access to competitive team sports.

Each week all pupils in compulsory education receive over 1½ hours of formal curriculum time for individual and team sports.

The sports covered include Netball, Softball, Table Tennis, Athletics, Volleyball, Dance, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Rounders and Cricket. The Academy organises internal competitions and runs successful year teams which compete against other schools in the following games: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country running, Netball, Rugby and Association Football.

All teachers on the formal physical education programme are fully qualified PE teachers. In addition there are specialist teachers who have gained coaching awards and refereeing certificates by the National Bodies for:

  • Rugby Union
  • Football Association
  • English Basketball Association
  • Squash Association
  • Hockey Association
  • Amateur Swimming Association
  • Marylebone Cricket Club
  • Mountain Leader Training Board
  • Amateur Athletics Association
  • Netball Association

Local development officers also assist with the coaching of Rugby, Basketball and Athletics.