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Nottingham Secondary Academy

Breaking Boundaries: Our Students Shine at 'The Footprint Event'!

At 'The Footprint Event' by 'Unite the Scene', Lola, Mariam, Trinity, and Wiktoria dazzled with their street dance skills, showcasing confidence and flair in solo battles

On Friday 5th April Lola, Mariam, Trinity, Wiktoria, Ms Eccles and Mrs Somerville spent the day at ‘The Footprint Event’ organised by ‘Unite the Scene’.

The day consisted of locking and breaking workshops followed by dance performances. Our students were super and they performed with confidence throughout the day. They particularly challenged themselves through the improvised battles.


This is where we saw their confidence grow as they performed solo in front of new coaches and students from other schools. Since September, 'Unite the Scene' have been working with our students developing their street dance skills.

Thank you to Ms Smikle who has supported the extra-curricular event by funding the last two terms.

Ms Somerville