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Nottingham Academy

Guidance for Parents, Carers & Pupils

Advice for Parents & Carers

We are first and foremost concerned about our pupil’s health and that of their families.  We understand that the health of you and your family comes first.  We understand that there will be lots of time spent at home over the next few weeks and want to support you and your family to get the most out of this time together.  

Educators recommend that it is important to have a schedule for pupils during this additional time at home however we also understand that everyone’s home circumstances are different. Encourage your child to do what they can; when they can.  

We have designed a Home Learning timetable supported by an enrichment programme which will be available on the school website.  The work set by your child’s teachers is the priority which can be completed using the suggested timetable. The enrichment programme ensures that our pupils have a stimulus if they run out of class work. Activities can include; something to watch, something to make, an area to research; something to read; something to write; a physical challenge. We have taken inspiration from the wealth of free online resources that have been made available. 

Remember home learning doesn’t mean you have to be the teacher. Make use of the work provided plus the many free online tools. Encourage your child to communicate with their teacher should they have any difficulty accessing, completing or submitting their work.  

Advice for Pupils 

Keeping Motivated  

  • Set yourself goals each day  

  • Work towards completing your daily tasks  

  • Ask those around you to get involved in your learning  

  • Keep in touch with others, including your teachers 

  • Researchers have found that a minimum of at least 20 minutes a day of any physical activity can create a positive mental attitude  

Planning your time  

  • Think about your learning style – do you prefer to work in short bursts or over longer periods? 

  • Plan how much time you need for the work set in each subject 

  • Evaluate your plan every few days – is it still working and keeping you busy? 

  • Learning at home is very different to being at school, accepting that there are more distractions is important. Managing these distractions and keeping them to a minimum need to be part of your daily planning. 

  • Learning at home, to this extent, isn’t something you’ve ever had to do before, so be kind to yourself and allow time to get used to the new learning routine. 

Creating the perfect learning environment  

  • Get started early – pretend you are going to school (try not to stay in your pjs!)  

  • Follow a structured day (see timetable) 

  • Limit your social media time (use it as a reward!) 

  • Take regular breaks!  

  • Have a quiet space with few distractions.  

  • Try to work in a cool, bright space.  

  • Aim to sit at a desk in a comfortable chair.  

Health and Well-being 

During these uncertain and worrying times, it is so important that you are taking care of yourself and your mental wellbeing. It is ok to not feel yourself at the moment, and you may have lots of questions, as the Coronavirus News is having an impact on you and everyone around you. 

  • Talk about your worries and concerns with loved ones, family and friends 

  • Keep active – regular exercise can help you concentrate, sleep and feel better.  

  • Keep in touch – try not to isolate yourself, catch up with friends on the phone or spend time with your family. 

  •  Ask for help – we all sometimes get tired or feel overwhelmed. If things are getting too much for you, ask for help.