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Nottingham Academy

End of Term Message From Principal Harry French

A joint letter from Secondary Phase Principal, Mr French and Primary Phase Principal, Mrs French. 


Tuesday 27th July 2021

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Re: End of Academic Year 2020-2021

As we approach the final few days of this academic year – a year which has presented a number of challenges for our pupils, families, staff and our wider community - it seems pertinent to reflect on the continued resilience of our people, our achievements in the face of challenging circumstances, and our collective commitment to ensure that Nottingham Academy continues to improve so that our young people achieve well and are consequently well-placed for the next phase of their education. 

First and foremost, our children and young people have continued to learn (at home and at school), have adapted brilliantly to the ever-changing restrictions, and have found a renewed enjoyment in spending time with their peers and adults in school. 

Where possible, school events have continued, albeit in a slightly altered format. These have included parents’ evenings, transition events, sports days, Battle of the Bands and school plays.  

Communication between home and school has been maintained, and in some ways, augmented.

New ways to share information have been implemented so that pupils are thoroughly supported whether they are able to attend the Academy or whether they are at home. The strength of the partnership between home and school has been essential to ensure that our young people have continued to be well-supported in terms of their education and also their wellbeing. There will, undoubtedly, be elements that have been introduced during the pandemic that we will be keen to maintain. 

Our staff teams have demonstrated tremendous resilience and commitment throughout the year, despite professional and personal challenges, remaining focused on the needs of our school community. 

In looking forward to next year, we are likely to encounter further challenges, particularly as the pandemic continues to have an impact. However, as you would expect, work has continued unabated to anticipate any future challenges and we are now adept at amending and adapting, even at incredibly short notice.

Moving away from the potential uncertainty associated with the pandemic, there are many things to be optimistic and positive about at Nottingham Academy. We have wonderful young people in our school, we have dedicated and talented staff, and we have a supportive local community. Furthermore, the primary and secondary elements of Nottingham Academy are totally committed to working together, determined to harness the potential of an all-through (3-19) academy, to share expertise, to develop expertise in order to make our school an outstanding establishment for our young people, for our staff and for our community. Further details of this joint work will be shared early next year. 

So as this academic year draws to a close, we wish all of our school community a restful and enjoyable summer. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to a hard-working and successful 2021-22. 

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs French                                        Mr French         

Primary Principal                              Secondary Principal