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Nottingham Academy


Qualification: A Level 

Entry Requirements

English Grade 5

Studying A-level Politics will provide insight into political beliefs central to an understanding of the modern world. It also develops analytical and evaluative skills in relation to interesting topics prevalent in the turbulent political climate of today. A-Level Politics provides you with an in-depth understanding of political theory and the application of this theory in British and American Politics. It is an engaging and relevant subject that will cover news and current affairs whilst developing research, communication, and debating skills.

What is the focus of the course? 

There are four sections to the course: 

  • UK Government 
  • UK Politics
  • Core and Non-Core Ideologies 
  • Comparative Study US v UK 
  • Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Nationalism 

What kind of work will I do? 

Politics pairs really well with History and Sociology – developing your knowledge of one will lead to a greater depth of understanding of the other.

Lessons are driven by class discussion – the course and the assessments prioritise links to current affairs so you will have an opportunity to discuss relevant and important issues in each lesson.

There is lots of opportunity for collaborative and independent work exploring and engaging with different ideas.

Exams: three at the end of Y13

What pathways does it open? 

  • Politics, Law or History degrees 
  • Careers in policy and government 
  • Work in media, or public service

What kind of candidate would suit the course? 

  • Passionate about issues 
  • Enjoy debate 
  • Have an open mind ti new ideas and other people's views
  • Have an interest in current affairs and political issues.