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Nottingham Academy

Information Technology

Qualification: Level 3 BTEC National Extended Certificate in Information Technology
Entry Requirements 

English Grade 4 

Mathematics Grade 5 

Taught by Mr Taurins and Mr. Hussain 

Why choose IT BTEC 

The BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Information Technology is intended as an applied general qualification covering 360 GLH (Guided Learning Hours) and equivalent in size to one A Level. 

It is designed for learners who are interested in an introduction to the study of creating IT and computer systems to manage and share information alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses, not necessarily in IT.

Aims of the course 

You will develop a common core of IT knowledge and study areas such as the relationship between hardware and software that form an IT system, managing and processing data to support business and using IT to communicate and share information.

This BTEC qualification is a 2-year course and students apply learning through a range of practical assessments.

The combination of practical and written assessment styles will give you the confidence to apply your knowledge to succeed in the workplace – and have the study skills to continue learning on higher education courses (if you choose to), and throughout your career.

Skills and Knowledge 

All BTEC Nationals provide transferable knowledge and skills that prepare learners for progression to university. The transferable skills that universities value include:

  • The ability to learn independently
  • The ability to research actively and methodically
  • Being able to give presentations and being active group members.

Learning Styles 

The BTEC course requires students to be well-motivated, organised and independent learners who enjoy an active learning approach.

We use a range of different teaching methods and you will be helped to identify your own learning style preferences and to make use of these to help you succeed.

You will be expected to develop independent thinking and study skills. You will use a wide variety of software applications and produce coursework in different formats such as multimedia presentations, web pages, written reports and posters. 

Students who prefer to demonstrate ability and expertise through practical coursework and ongoing assessment should enjoy the rigour and structure of the course.

Core units include:

Unit 1: Information Technology Systems (synoptic) (External Exam)

Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage Information (External – Practical Exam)

Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business (Coursework Assignment)

Optional units include

Unit 5: Data Modelling(Coursework Assignment)


Unit 6: Website Development (Coursework Assignment).

How does the qualification provide employability skills? 

In the BTEC National units, there are opportunities during the teaching and learning phase to give learners practice in developing employability skills.

Cognitive and problem-solving skills: use critical thinking, approach non-routine problems applying expert and creative solutions, use systems and technology

Intrapersonal skills: communicating, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation

Interpersonal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and development.

Subject combinations and progression

Information Technology combines well with many other subjects and the choice will largely be determined by the longer-term aim of the student.

The BTEC Extended Certificate gives students a choice of progression options. Students who successfully complete the qualification will be well equipped to move onto degree programs, Higher National Diplomas or relevant employment.

Potential Careers 

Database administrator, Animator, Graphic designer, Illustrator, IT technical support officer, Network engineer, Systems analyst, Systems developer, Office administrator