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Nottingham Academy

Financial Studies

Qualification: London Institute of Banking and Finance 

Entry Requirements

English Grade 4

Mathematics Grade 4 

The Certificate in financial studies (CeFS) covers the core disciplines of financial education. Students are encouraged to become responsible borrowers and sensible savers, and to appreciate the need for financial planning throughout their life.

This London Institute of Banking and Finance qualification has been developed with the input of leading firms from across the financial sector to ensure it gives you the essential and most up to date knowledge. You will look at a range of topics such as short term to long term financial needs and investigating the personal financial life cycle recommending suitable financial products to meet individual needs. You will learn about the impact of the economy and the Bank of England on personal finances in both the long- and short-term considering changes in interest rates and inflation and how they influence financial decisions. Studying the course you will learn about financial regulation covering savings, investments, insurance and borrowing and apply this in real life context scenarios. You will consider the ethical and sustainability issues in the financial services industry and be able to apply your learning to case studies providing financial planning advice. You will learn about the UK taxation system and how it impacts on savings, insurance, and income. You will also produce personal budgets and cash flows and make recommendations on how to solve liquidity problems.

Key Skills Learned

  • Analyse financial information, financial services products, and services and begin to make judgments about suitability for people in different circumstances
  • Develop an understanding of financial concepts and terminology to enhance financial literacy
  • Analyse, synthesize, evaluate and reflect
  • Demonstrate numeracy skills, including the ability to manipulate financial and other numerical data to reflect the conceptual activity of financial maths
  • Select appropriate data and information to make arguments
  • Structure and communicate ideas logically and coherently
  • Increase their ability to work and learn independently