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Basketball Academy

Basketball and Academics Integrated 

Is basketball your passion? Then Nottingham Academy is an excellent choice for you to continue your studies and develop your talent on the basketball court.  In the UK Basketball player development is hampered by 2 factors, not enough hours on court and not enough access to high quality coaching to help you achieve your potential. 

You can shoot the ball all day but if your technique is wrong you just become very good at shooting the wrong way.

Michael Jordan

Schools in America have addressed these 2 issues.  The average High School sports team practices for 18 hours a week in any sport and they have a specialist coach for each sports team.  At Nottingham Academy we are chaning the UK trend and offer students up to 20 hours per week on court and have 2 full time experienced high quality basketball coaches.

It is widely acknowledged that to achieve a high level in sport you will require 10,000 hours of practice.  Ask yourself what your current school sports team practices?  2 hours per week? This would take you 96 years, it may be 6 hours per week, which would take 32 years.  At Nottingham Academy we provide access to 20 hours plus per week, which would take 9 and a half years to reach the 10,000 figure.  Suddenly you could make top-level sport before you have already had to retire!

Training at this level, will help you reach closer to your athletic aspirations and in doing do you will have also instilled within yourself discipline, work ethic, commitment, team work, reliability and punctuality all traits that assist you in your life goals.

Nottingham Academy Basketball offer a basketball programme that is integrated into the school day.  Basketball training is built around the pupils’ timetable. 

For Post-16 students we offer coaching sessions both individually and in small groups in sixth form students have 7-8 hours of free periods, coaching will take place in those slots.  In addition to this lunchtime, before school and school sessions are available, providing players with a total of 10-14 hours per week.  This will be in addition to the hours they receive in their club environment which will enable players to achieve 20 hours per week. 

The Basketball Academy will enhance your club training, supporting your development and training.

For Year 7-11 training is available through lunchtime, after school sessions and PE lessons, we offer pupils 8 or 9 hours of basketball coaching per week.  As well as training in their club environment. 

Being part of basketball academy is a privilege. Therefore behaviour, work ethic and punctuality both at basketball and within the Academy,are all linked to the amount of basketball students can access. Coaches liaise with teaching staff to ensure basketball enhances pupil’s achievements and is not detrimental to study.

Travel and accommodation - We have been able to assist players with travelling in exceptional circumstances, so please discuss this with us if travel is a limiting factor. There are also opportunities to reside with a host family in order to attend the Academy.

Director of Basketball - Phil Waghorn

Phil Waghorn has been involved in English basketball both as a           player and a coach for 36 years.  As a player Phil came up through the ranks of the Brighton Bears, being lucky enough to attend High School in America before returning and becoming part of a Championship winning Bears team. In his home county of Sussex Phil spent years coaching young players many of whom have gone on to study and play in the USA and for national teams.

Phil spent a number of years as Sussex Basketball Development Officer, helping to develop basketball across the county.  He was also part of a group who formed Mid Sussex Magic, a club that prided itself in the development of local talent and, with that ethos, managed to gain promotion to Division 1.

Phil later went on to coach the Brighton Bears in the BBL and had the interesting experience of coaching NBA legend Dennis Rodman, in his three game stint at the Club.   Phil has worked as a Team Manager with the Great Britain Men’s Team.  In this capacity Phil has attended two Eurobasket Championships and the London 2012 Olympics.   Phil prides himself in helping develop the talents of future basketball players.

Assistant Coach - Ben Stanley

Ben Stanley joined the Academy to provide support both on and off the court.  As a player Ben came up through the Ellesmere Port (Now Cheshire) program, before attending East Durham Academy, Ben has played or coached at multiple programs across the country, including Worcester University, Newcastle Eagles/Northumbria University, Solent Stars/Solent University, Solent Kestrels, Nottingham Hoods, and Nottingham Wildcats. 

Having started coaching at 14, Ben has run his own community programs in areas all over the country, worked as a community coach for one of the biggest professional programs in Britain, and worked on the national Teams Pathway: he was the England U'18 Assistant for two years as well as Head Coach to the South Area Performance Centre.  Ben is still active with Regional Performance Centres and Regional Teams.  

Ben has coached at several excellent junior programs with some success, most notably at Solent Kestrels and Nottingham Wildcats, where his teams reached the final 8's and National Final respectively.  Ben also ran his own Academy at Totton College in Southampton, and has helped at least two players to achieve full scholarships to American Universities through basketball.

Ben's role at the Basketball Academy is not simply that of an assistant coach but also that of a mentor.  Ben spends large amounts of time working with pupils and teachers alike to ensure that all basketball students reach their potential academically as well as on the basketball court.  He coordinates with both the secondary site and sixth form to monitor and most importantly help students when the require it.  This extra support enables student athletes at the Academy, both in the pursuit of their sporting and Academic goals, but also provides consistent support for our basketball students.