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An audience with Professor Matthew Whitaker

11 Oct 2012
Professor Matthew Whittaker visits Nottingham Academy as part of his UK Tour.

Students in the sixth form at Nottingham Academy have met Professor Matthew Whittaker, an acclaimed writer and lecturer from Arizona State University as part of his UK Tour 2012.

Professor Whittaker gave a lively and charismatic presentation to sixth form students about equality and democracy in the United States of America, including the impact made by Barrack Obama on attitudes to race.

The discussion with Professor Whittaker is part of the extended opportunities programme at Nottingham Academy which allows students to broaden their academic knowledge and inspires them to work towards a successful future.

In addition to visiting Nottingham Academy, Professor Whittaker’s tour of Nottingham has also included giving interviews to local radio stations and lectures at Nottingham University.

Tim Hutton, Head of Business Studies at Nottingham Academy, said “Professor Whittaker was truly inspiring. He spoke about his family’s hardship growing up and how he succeeded against all the odds. Students really enjoyed the talk and this promoted high quality debate during the question time that was offered to the sixth formers.

Professor Whitaker is ASU Foundation Professor of History and the Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at Arizona State University. He specializes in African American history and life, civil rights, race relations and social movements. Professor Whitaker has lectured right across the world including China, Ghana and Liberia.